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Karma’s just sharpening her nails, and finishing her drink….she’ll be with you shortly!!
Fucking prick!!

❤️❤️H A P P Y 5 6 th B I R T H D A Y K A T E B U S H ❤️❤️

My hair is fucking ridiculous…..I’ve tried to persevere with growing it out but I can’t take it anymore!! 😭first thing I do on my holidays next week is get my beloved pixie crop back 👌


We had a house fire last night because my sisters phone charger over heated and set her bedroom on fire!!!
We are all safe, but please make sure you unplug your chargers and things at night, or if you are not in the house!!

And how we’d wished to live in the sensual world 
You don’t need words—just one kiss, then another

The Sensual World, Kate Bush

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Toooo hooooooottttttt!!!! = naggy arse Zoë!!!

Didn’t think this one through….I sleep on my tummy! Ouch!


  • you guys are allowed to send me messages
  • you’re allowed to just say hi
  • you can ask me for my skype or whatever
  • feel free to just tell me about your day as if we’ve been best friends since forever
  • you’re all good to ask anything you want to know
  • don’t be afraid to be off anon
  • you can talk to me
  • i like talking to you guys 
  • please
  • i dont bite 

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