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My plan on avoiding Kate Bush spoilers didn’t work out that well….



Dreamtime <3

New hair selfie 😄😄
See those dark circles under my eyes…’s coz I’m up late every night fangirling Over Kate bush!!

Omg omfg OH MY GAWD!!!!
20 days until I see KATE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No.3 on the iTunes chart after 28 years of being released.

Kate be like…

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Omg I’ve just turned down an opportunity of seeing Kate bush for a second time this summer….I must be on some kind of crack!!
Someone an amazing friend has offered me a second ticket as a birthday present!!
They must also be on some crazy magical kindness drugs!!!

Obsessed with taking photos of my cats today!! Mrs Tigger ❤️

Puddy cat…Mr Eeyore ❤️

Karma’s just sharpening her nails, and finishing her drink….she’ll be with you shortly!!
Fucking prick!!

❤️❤️H A P P Y 5 6 th B I R T H D A Y K A T E B U S H ❤️❤️